Vigil service for July 13, 2024


Father Mike Quinn, Pastor




Highlights of the Iowa Hill MDARC 2021 Camping Event in 4k

Highlights of the Iowa Hill MDARC 2019 Camping Event in 4k


In partnership with the Benedict XVI Institute for Sacred Music & Divine Worship, the Contemplatives of St. Joseph, and the Daughters of Carmel, Saint Brendan hosted an afternoon of healing on Saturday February 16, 2019. The sisters from the Daughters of Carmel offered spiritual reflections which was followed by a healing Mass (this video) with Father Vito Perrone COSJ, St. Brendan's pastor Father Roger Gustafson, and Father Celestine Tyowua Parochial Vicar. Anointing of the Sick and Gregorian Chant is featured by the St. Benedict XVI Institute Choir. Since this presentation runs long, feel free to shuttle though it with your player to do your own highlight. 


Highlights of the Iowa Hill MDARC 2018 Camping Event


With Spring well underway, Saint Brendan's Catholic Church is back with the Wednesday night talk series. On April 18th, it was "Praying with the Gospels" presented by Saint Brendan Director of Evangelization and Faith Formation, Manolito Jaldon.


With the New Year, Saint Brendan's Catholic Church of San Francisco continues with the monthly Wednesday night talk series. On January 24th 2018, two speakers were presented, Father Evlogios Champas Archdeacon Greek Orthodox Church Patriarchate of Jerusalem and Father Kevin Kennedy pastor of Our Lady of Fatima Russian Byzantine Catholic Church of San Francisco. The title of this presentation is "Praying with the Icons & Eastern Christian Spirituality". The talks were followed by Father Evlogios Champas performing a beautiful chant and a question and answer segment with Father Kennedy.

St. Brendan's Catholic Church in San Francisco staged a concert on Saturday, October 14th featuring emmy awarding wining Narada Michael Walden and his special guest singers. Channel 7 News Anchor Dan Ashley made a participating appearance duiring this event as well. This video runs just under two hours.

Since 1972 the Knights of the Megahertz Net has been active in promoting the Christian Faith with a bible lesson followed by a Roll Call of participating stations. This specific Sunday morning session took place in San Ramon California during the Pacific Division Amateur Radio Convention (PACIFICON) on October 22, 2017, in a mixed mobile operation in a parking lot a mile from the Marriott Hotel where the convention took place. This video covers the highlights of the setting up of the portable station, the preparation, and the actual net that morning.






The Net has four net control operators. Each rotates that responsibility on a monthly basis. Each has a unique title named after a radio-related electronic circuit.

Adolph Kelly

Co-founder &
Chaplin (1972-2011)

Roger Gathers

Master Oscillator
Net Bible Lession Presenter

Alex Custer

IF Amplifer
Net Control for 7/24 _______________


Buffer Doubler
Net Control for 8/24

Dave Billeci

Net Control for 9/24

Kelly Tuttle

Product Detector
Net Closing Prayer
Net Control for 10/24